Balayage is one of the most popular hair colour trends and the team at Gusto are highly skilled in creating the latest looks including blonde balayage, red balayage and fashion balayage and ombré.

The free-hand and grandiose nature of the fabulous balayage colour technique really gets our creative juices flowing. Customers flock back regularly to see what we've come up with so they too can have the latest balayage look.  

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Say it after me... Bal-Aye-Ahhrj.

Yes, we're talking about the most popular hair colour in London right now - balayage. And if you want to be a balayage babe, it's time to visit Gusto, the best balayage hairdressers in Central London.

So what exactly is balayage? This low-maintenance hair colour is usually hand-painted in vertical sections throughout your hair, leaving your base colour at the roots and mid-lengths, growing lighter towards the ends.  Often we create a sun-kissed blonde balayage, but we can also rustle up just about any colour including red balayage, pastel balayage shades and fashion balayage looks.  

Balayage is also a great face contouring technique.  We can add lighter colours where more width is needed and darker shades to give the impression of a narrower face!  So let us bring a little bit of balayage magic into your lives and book your balayage appointment at Gusto today!

Balayage colour experts at Gusto Hair Salons, Covent Garden & Soho


 Balayage can be created on any hair colour base but the most popular has to be blonde balayage at Gusto Hair Salons in London.  This is the most asked-for balayage colour around because it gives a natural-looking sun-kissed hair colour that looks, quite simply, stunning!

Our balayage specialists in Central London may use two or three different blonde shades to create your beautiful blonde balayage.  We will suggest hair colours that work with your base hair colour, skin tone and eye colour because we know you'll want a balayage that really makes your features 'come alive'.

So, which blonde hair colours can we create here at Gusto Hairdressing? We have a dazzling array of blonde hair colours including golden blondes, ash blondes, platinum blondes and strawberry blondes! 

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Blonde balayage experts, Gusto Hairdressing Salons, Covent Garden & Soho, London


Balayage, ombré, root stretch, foilayage, babylights, reverse balayage, strobing, melting, smudging.  Confused?  Knowing what to ask for when you fancy a new hair colour can be daunting, but do not fear - our London balayage experts are here to help!

The names above are all different 'takes' on balayage. For a dramatic look, consider an ombré hair colour effect where we create a two-tone look with contrasting colours; or a colour melt where the hair colours literally look as if they have melted into one another.  If subtlety's your aim, we can add some super fine babylights throughout your hair.

Your best option if you want a gorgeous new balayage hair colour is to book a complimentary colour consultation at one of our Gusto Hair Salons in Soho or Covent Garden in Central London. 

Show us some pictures of looks you like and let us explain everything before you make your decision.

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Red Balayage Hair Colour Experts In London


Another popular balayage look is red balayage at Gusto Hair Salons in Covent Garden & Soho.  If you have a darker base colour, we can pep it up with some delicious red balayage tones.  

Again, talk to your Gusto balayage colour expert about the look you desire.  You might fancy a full balayage with subtle red colours painted throughout your hair, or perhaps you'd prefer a partial balayage where we add colour to specific areas rather than throughout your hair.

We can recommend the perfect red hair colours to suit you, taking into account your eye colour, skin tone and unique sense of style.  Bright fashion red hair colours and deep plum and auburn shades look wonderful on darker hair colours, and the look you choose can be subtle, bold or somewhere in-between!  

Caramel Balayage at Gusto Hair Salons in Covent Garden & Soho, London


Does your barnet need some TLC? If your brunette hair colour needs a helping hand, we can create the beautiful sun-kissed hair colour you've been hankering after. 

Our hair colour experts at Gusto can lift your hair colour by scattering some bespoke balayage highlights.  Brunettes look fabulous with red or caramel hair colours which can be added to sections where your hair catches the light to show off your beautiful new balayage effect.

With balayage, you will hardly notice any regrowth line when your hair grows, making balayage the most low-maintenance hair colour around.  We're also pretty sure your new look will have your friends asking 'who's your hairdresser?' so please make sure you recommend us to your friends.  We all need a little extra love, caring and sharing right now.  Thank you!  

Face-Framing Balayage, Top Hairdressers in London


Not sure whether you are ready to go for a complete balayage look?  Then it's time to flirt with a face-framing hair colour from Gusto Hairdressers in London's Soho & Covent Garden.

Whether you decide to go all retro with chunky face-framing highlights a la Ginger Spice circa 1997, or you desire subtle blonde face-framing highlights, we reckon this is one hair colour trend that is here to stay.  Even better, you can choose just about any colour under the rainbow as we can create brightening face-framing highlights in all colours and on all hair bases.

We can help to contour your facial features with the right hairstyle and hair colour.  Adding lighter colours can make a narrow face look a little wider, and adding darker shades can give the impression of a slimmer face.


Many salons philosophies for balayage prices depend on the length and thickness of your hair, as well as the experience of the colourist.

So, how much does balayage cost? Click here to find out more.


Fancy balayage?  You've come to the right place.  Book in for a hair colour consultation or appointment by calling Gusto Hairdressing Soho on 020 7287 0015 or Gusto Hairdressing Covent Garden on 020 7836 9163 or Gusto Hairdressing Oxford street on 0207 486 5044 book Soho Salon online here or book Covent Garden Salon online here or book Oxford street Salon online here.

↕ Got A Question? Check Out Some Of Our FAQ's ↕

Frequently Asked Questions, Balayage Hair Colour at Gusto Hair Salons, Central London

I Want A Complete New Look – Can I Have Balayage?


Of course! Balayage is popular for blondes and brunettes but even shades such as red or even grey hair can benefit from a balayage!

Can You Help Me Correct A Home Balayage Kit That Has Gone Wrong?


Have you had a questionable colour experience or your roots need sorting out ASAP? Fear not! The balayage is able to transform your hair wholesale from the roots to the ends.


Gusto hair salons in London is home to an experienced team of colour correction specialists and will identify the areas of your hair that need attention. They will talk you through the process needed in order to correct your home balayage hair colour and most importantly, bring it back to a beautiful condition!

Can Balayage Be Done On Any Length Hair?


YES! The balayage colouring technique can be applied to any hair length effectively. However, it is most striking on medium to longer length hair. Not only does the balayage create sweeping natural looking tones, but it also creates the illusion of thick luscious hair, as the technique is magnified top to bottom, giving your hair more "protrusion" and more of a multifaceted layered colour burst!

How Do I Look After My Balayage Colour at Home?


The great thing about the balayage, in contrast to other colour techniques, is that it's longer lasting, thanks to its already natural freehand effects. Nonetheless, it is always crucial you maintain the vibrancy of your gorgeous new colour. We recommend anti-stripping shampoos and conditioners such as Reflection Bain Chromatique Shampoo and Conditioner and the WNt London Shampoo and Conditioner. Both protect your hair without affecting the viciousness of your tones!

What Other Names Is Balayage Known As?


Balayage has become an umbrella term for many new & creative hair colouring techniques. These can include; Money Piece Colour, Face Frame Balayage, Reverse Balayage, Instagram Balayage, Colour Contouring, Root Melts & Root Smudge to name but a few!

How Often Should I Book a Balayage Appointment at Gusto Hair Salons?


One of the great things about the balayage hair colour technique is that you don't have to visit the salon so often between colour appointments. We would recommend booking your appointment between 8 and 12 weeks with a toning visit to keep your colour looking fresh.

How Much Does Balayage Cost?


Balayage, Ombre & creative colour services vary depending on the exact look you are after. Your Gusto Colour expert will be able to give you a more detailed figure at your hair colour consultation.