Low Maintenance Short Blonde Hairstyles

Sick of spending hours styling your hair? Short blonde hairstyles are the ultimate low maintenance solution - chic, fresh, and so easy to wear!

Milk Tea Hair

The hair colour trend taking the world by storm? Milk tea hair - a gorgeous blend of off white caramel and frothy beige tones inspired by the comforting beverage.

Cut and Finish Meaning

Demystify the hair salon jargon with our definitive guide on the "cut and finish" process - insider tips revealed!

Gusto Covent Garden NOW OPEN 9AM-9PM!

Calling all #HairCrushers! We have an exciting announcement that will make your hair dreams come true at any hour of the day.

Air Touch Highlights

Embrace the future of hair colouring with air touch highlights - sun-kissed perfection without the damage. Radiant multi-tones await!

How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair In 5 minutes

Tame your unruly hair with our quick and easy 5-minute solutions for smooth, frizz-free hair. No more bad hair days!

Italian Bob Haircut

Embrace Mediterranean chic with the Italian bob - a hairstyle that exudes confidence, sass and effortless glamour. Bellissima!

Hair Makeover

If you've been craving a dramatic new style, cut, or colour, the talented team at Gusto has the expertise to take you from drab to fab in one appointment!

Can You Go From Dark Brown To Blonde In One Sitting?

Dramatic hair makeovers can be a reality when you approach them strategically. With the right colouring techniques and professional guidance, you may be able to rock showstopping blonde hues in a single salon visit.

The Reverse Balayage

The reverse balayage, a subversive twist on the classic balayage technique, embraces the art of darkness to create a striking depth and intensity.

What is a Graduated Bob?

The graduated bob is a timeless, sculptural masterpiece that demands precision and artistry, offering versatility to suit every face shape and personal style.

The Baroque Bob

The Baroque Bob is the latest hair craze sweeping salons, a daring fusion of vintage and modern that epitomises untamed elegance.