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The Autumn/Winter season is now upon us. Time is of the essence and choices are abundant! That is why we have asked our award-winning team at Gusto to curate the most in vogue services in styling and colouring, so you do not have to!

We want to eliminate the noise and make it as simple and exciting as possible!

We have chosen eight of this year’s most in style, avant-garde hair services. From the funky Wolf Cut that blends snappy high visibility colours to the ostentatious “Met Gala” hair up that will make you the talk of the town. The choice is yours. 

These are highly technical overhauls that we have perfected to ensure what you see is what you get. No guesswork is required. We want you to book, sit back and leave in awe of your latest look.


The Funky Town Wolf Cut 

Time 3-5 Hours

Get supremely in vogue with an audacious pixie cut along with a crazy colour to really set the scene and stand out. Our bespoke look includes a complete restyle, bleach and colour application.


The Aruba Balayage At Gusto Hairdressing, London's West End

The Aruba Balayage

Time 3-4 Hours

Want to look like you’ve just spent the last two months in the Caribbean? This option will be right up your street. Potent blonde tones are formed using the most natural sun-kissed balayage techniques followed by a finish that will let beach vives thrive.

The Virgin Masterpiece Full Head at Gusto Hairdressers Covent Garden

The Virgin Masterpiece Full Head

Time 5-9 Hours

From zero to a hundred. Have the most formidable hair journey as we completely overhaul your colour with direct and precise colour and bleach applications. This service can take 5-9 hours. Please note you must book a consultation before you purchase this item.

Pixie Cut At Gusto Hairdressing, London's West End

Pixie Superlicious

Time 3-4 Hours

Not for those shy of monumental change, if you’re looking for something radical our Pixie Superlicious is a true trendsetter.

First, we create a contemporary choppy pixie cut, short and utterly cool, then we add strong highlights to further define the layers. The outcome is dazzling.

Strawberry blonde hair colour at Gusto Hairdressers Soho

Strawberry Free Hand Delights

Time 3-4 Hours

5* Reviews

Easy going Summer 2022 tones that won’t require constant touch-ups. Strawberry shades are an elegant yet luscious way of embracing the sizzling months.

Pixie Cut At Gusto Hairdressing, London's West End

1D Colour

Time 2-3 Hours

We firmly believe the new thing this 2022 and beyond is the “one-dimensional” colour. This bespoke service adds a subtle black, a firm brown hue, or a fall burgundy to the proceedings,  maintaining effortless glamour that can be further elevated with diverging toners and gloss.

Met Gala Hair At Gusto Hairdressing, London's West End

Met Gala Extravaganza

Time 1-2 Hours

Get a hairstyle that matches the glitter and the glam. We will do the most monumental styling or the most vivacious updo that will make sure you are the talk of the town at any event!

Silver Surfer hair colour best hairdressers covent garden

Silver Surfer

Time 3-4 Hours

Want striking as heck silver tones that cause ripples in the fabric of space time? We got you. Our balayage experts find the perfect ice cool shades to apply artistically to your hair to create a contemporary masterpiece!