Foilayage Vs Balayage at Gusto Hairdressing Salons, London's West End

Some of the most popular colouring techniques used in our West End Hair Salons include balayage, ombré, colour melting and colour contouring. So, what is this new colour trend everyone is talking about?

'Foilayage' is a perfect mixup of balayage & traditional highlights. It involves the same sweeping method used in freehand balayage, however, sections of hair are then wrapped in foil highlights instead of being left to air dry. This is to allow the hair to lighten further, intensifying the lifting effect of the highlights. The results are simply stunning! 

Foilayage highlights are applied to the hair in V shapes, away from the root to provide natural looking regrowth. They are often placed around the front hairline to frame the face and define your features beautifully. These flattering highlights are weaved very finely or hand-painted directly onto the hair to give multi-dimensional colour. Your root colour isn't coloured meaning a more natural look. Better still, this colour looks just as fantastic grown out as it does freshly done in the salon!

Rest assured, your super talented Gusto colourist will create a supremely gorge hair colour to show off your haircut and personal style - book an appointment at your favourite West End hairdressers and transform your dull, lack lustre locks!


Please note: if you are new to hair colour with us, please book in for a skin test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

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Hazelnut Chocolate Foilayage

If you have brunette hair colour and are looking to add some lighter blonde streaks then foilayage is perfect for you.

Glossy brunette tones, hazelnut shades and caramel brown hues work perfectly to deliver softly sun-kissed, multi-dimensional colour.

Foilayage At Gusto Oxford Street

Flattering Blonde Foilayage

Bold hair colour has been in demand in recent months with many opting for trends like peekaboo colour and money piece highlights. While these popular balayage colouring techniques continue to remain popular in our West London Salons, many are now opting for a new, more muted version of the look using the foilayage technique. 

Foilayage allows you to retain a natural-looking finish with brighter, lighter sections skillfully placed throughout the hair.

Gusto Hairdressing specialises in balayage hair colouring, face frame colour and colour melting and our hair colour experts can hand paint subtle, highlights throughout your hair exactly where you want them. 

Colour Specialists in Central London

Lived In Blonde

For those after a natural lived-in blend of blonde hair colours foilayage is perfect! The foils help speed up the lightening process and create a brighter, more brilliant result. Your talented Gusto colour specialist will create a seamless gradient of colour from root to tip resulting in a low-maintenance hair trend that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Looking for more blonde hair colour ideas? Check out our Instagram page which is packed full of stunning hair inspo!

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Foilayage Technique On Dark Hair

If you have a darker colour then foilayage is an effective and gorgeous way to achieve a rooted but bright blonde look. Why not book a hair consultation at Gusto Hair Salons in Oxford Street, Covent Gardens or Soho? Our stylists will happily chat through the best ways to achieve your dream look and transform a natural brunette hair into a bright, blonde bombshell!

Foilyage Technique On Dark Hair Gusto Hairdressing Central London

Foilayage Appointments At Gusto Hair Salons In Central London

Fancy foilayage?  You've come to the right place.  Book in for a hair colour consultation or appointment by calling Gusto Hairdressing Soho on 020 7287 0015 or Gusto Hairdressing Covent Garden on 020 7836 9163 or Gusto Hairdressing Oxford street on 0207 486 5044 book Soho Salon online here or book Covent Garden Salon online here or book Oxford street Salon online here.