Maintaining Hair Extensions: Tips for Longevity

Caring properly for your luscious locks extensions is key to prolonging their lifespan and value. Implementing careful maintenance and considered styling can assist with preserving your mane marvels for as extensive as possible:

Maintaining Hair Extensions: Tips for Longevity

Be Gentle When Brushing

  • Commence brushing from the tips and work upwards to prevent tugging
  • Utilise a soft or vented brush expressly designed for extensions
  • Brush before and after washing - this redistributes oils along the length of the extensions

Regular Conditioning Is Imperative

Maintaining Hair Extensions: Tips for Longevity

  • Condition every 1-2 days to lessen friction, prevent tangles, and add moisture
  • Leave conditioner on for the full recommended time before washing out thoroughly
  • Employ a conditioning spray if prone to parched or damaged extensions

Minimise Heat Styling

  • Permit hair to air dry as frequently as possible rather than blowdrying
  • When employing heated tools keep below 150°C and evade direct contact with bonds/clips
  • Exploit a heat protection spray beforehand to create a barrier

Protect Extensions at Night

Balayage vs Highlights

  • Plait hair loosely before sleeping
  • Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase - this causes less friction overnight
  • If viable, sleep on your back to avoid crushing extensions and bonds

Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

  • Have extensions tightened by your stylist around once every 4-8 weeks
  • This compensates for any slippage and ensures even distribution
  • Embrace the opportunity to have bonds and tapes checked for wear and tear

Avoid Chemical Services

  • Chemical relaxers and dyes can compromise the quality of extension hair
  • Opt for pre-bonded highlights rather than full colour if you covet a change
  • Use temporary colours like hair chalk or spray-in dyes

Additional Handy Hints:

  • Wear hair up less frequently - repeated scraping and friction can damage extensions
  • Use small clips rather than tight hair bands for upstyles
  • Invest in some dry shampoo for speedy refresh between washes
  • Pop a shower cap on if washing your natural hair to keep extensions dry
  • Talk to your stylist before taking a long swim or visiting a sauna/steam room

So in summary: Handle gently, condition regularly, protect from heat, minimise friction overnight, get them tightened every 4-8 weeks, go easy on the chemicals, and take occasional hair holidays by wearing loose styles.

Studies demonstrate that following these guidelines can assist with gaining an extra 1-2 months from tape-in or clip-in extensions, and up to 6 months from higher quality integrated designs. Extensions are often treated as disposable but with some simple TLC you can make them endure and get your money's worth!


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