What is The Wolf Cut?

The Wolf Cut at Gusto Hair Salons in Soho, Oxford Street & Covent Garden

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The Wolf Cut aka The Shag aka The Mulett

I’m Not a Shag, Not Yet a Mullet.

The wolf cut has caused a stir across social media for two fashion seasons now, and the trend is likely to continue for the rest of year at least. Amalgamating two wild yet distinct cuts from the past half century; the 70’s shag cut and an early 80’s mullet, the wolf cut accentuates the crown area whilst reducing volume at the sides. This unholy union of styles is as popular and pertinent as ever.

“It shouldn’t work, but it does. The wolf cut is taking over because it offers two things that have been lacking in the past five years; extreme movement and a striking yet informal silhouette.” asserts Olympia, senior stylist at Gusto Hairdressing Oxford Street.

“It doesn’t work on all types of hair. It’s harder to pull off, though not impossible, with super slick straight hair. Nonetheless, it’s actually an excellent way of boosting volume for those with wispier hair. What I love is the immense creativity involved in creating this look, I can even use clippers and trimmers to further emphasise the jagged effect” continues Olympia.

The Wolf Cut Wave

Wolf Cut Low Key

The Wild Wolf Cut

The Compact Wolf Cut

Texture Galore Wolf Cut

The Sprightly Wolf

A Fun, On Trend Low Maintenance Hair Cut

One of the benefits of the wolf cut is the minimal maintenance required to keep it in shape, as the cut itself provides all the structure necessary. Although a little texturising spray never goes amiss for those with flatter finer crowns. It is also an incredibly fun style as you can really go to town creating voluminous bouncy looks with a simply blow dry or have more rigged snappy shapes with the help of a straightener.

These aspects will allow the wolf cut to remain king of the social for the foreseeable future.
At Gusto we adore audacious looks that combine old trends whilst bucking norms. The wolf cut is just that. We recommend having a thorough consultation at one of our Central London branches to ensure you get the best out of the style.

Three things to keep note of during your consultation.

- Short hair will result in a more “piecemeal, choppier” look.
- Super slick hair may need extra structure to support the look such as texturising spray and wax.
- The wolf cut is by no means monolithic and different variants are recommended for different head shapes.