What is Hair Botox?

Taking Your Hair Talents Abroad: Hair Botox, the New Frontier

Hair Botox is a revolutionary new service that leverages the strengthening and rejuvenating properties of keratin to inject new life into lacklustre locks. Not to be confused with actual botox, this intensive conditioning treatment works to fill in porous areas of the hair cuticle for boosted shine and silkiness.

Hair botox

The key active ingredient in Hair Botox is hydrolysed keratin protein, which works to deeply penetrate and strengthen hair follicles. Small keratin molecules bind to areas of damage on the hair strands, creating a protective barrier that smooths and repairs the cuticle. Additional conditioning agents like argan oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter also provide nourishment.

Unlike a traditional keratin treatment, Hair Botox does not completely straighten curls or waves. However, it does make hair more manageable. The treatment is formaldehyde-free, making it a safer option than many popular Brazilian keratin treatments on the market today.

Key Benefits

  • Deeply conditions and strengthens hair by depositing active keratin protein deep into the cortex
  • Repairs damage from colouring, heat styling, and environmental factors by smoothing and sealing the cuticle
  • Improves elasticity for healthier, bouncier hair that is less prone to breakage
  • Seals the cuticle and fills in cracks and pores for incredible shine and smoothness
  • Makes hair easier to detangle, style, straighten, and curl
  • Safe for all hair types and textures
  • Formaldehyde-free formula

Hair botox

The intensive conditioning properties give new life to dry, dull hair. Hair Botox actually makes strands stronger and more resilient by repairing and preventing damage to the internal structure of each strand.

Who is it For?

Hair Botox provides transformative results for those with:

  • Dry, dull, or fragile hair that feels weak and looks lackluster
  • Over-processed locks that lack shine or vibrancy
  • Hair damaged by excessive heat styling, colouring treatments, chlorine, wind, and sun exposure
  • Unmanageable, frizzy hair that tangles easily and won't hold a style
  • Curly and wavy hair types that want smoother, more supple texture
  • Those seeking an intensive conditioning treatment that brings hair back to life

Hair botox

It's suitable for all hair types and textures and provides rejuvenation for strands lacking health and brilliance. The active keratin molecules bond perfectly to each person's unique hair structure.

How Long Does it Last?

With proper at-home care, Hair Botox can transform hair for 2-3 months. Results last even longer - typically 3-4 months - for those with chemically-treated or frequently heat-styled hair that is severely compromised or porous.

Hair botox

First-time users see the most dramatic effects. Subsequent touch-up appointments can help maintain the benefits. Over time, Hair Botox helps hair regain its healthy structure, extending time between treatments.

How is it Applied?

Hair Botox is applied similarly to a traditional keratin treatment:

  1. Hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and towel dried to remove product buildup
  2. The Hair Botox solution is precisely measured and thoroughly brushed from roots to ends
  3. Solution processes for 10-15 minutes to deeply penetrate the hair
  4. Flat iron is used to seal in the treatment and activate keratin molecules at 450°F
  5. Hair is rinsed with cool water and lightly shampooed before styling

Hair botox

The application process takes 60-90 minutes depending on hair length and thickness. Hair Botox specialists often undergo advanced training to ensure proper application techniques. Precise application helps maximise results and longevity.


Proper home care is vital for maintaining Hair Botox results. Clients should:

  • Wait 48 hours before washing hair to allow the treatment to fully set
  • Use only sulfate-free, colour-safe shampoos and conditioners
  • Avoid chlorine, salt water, and other damaging elements
  • Limit heat styling to preserve integrity
  • Use a heat protectant spray if heat styling
  • Schedule maintenance appointments every 2-4 months

Following aftercare instructions allows the client to extend the longevity between salon visits and see the maximum benefit of this innovative treatment.

Hair Botox is shown to improve hair strength, smoothness, and shine by over 95% in studies - can even be more effective than traditional keratin treatments on certain types of hair.

So consider bringing this innovative new service overseas! Hair Botox's transformative properties are sure to wow clients and keep your chair filled.


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