The Ash Blonde Hair Colour Revolution

Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Gusto Hairdressing Salons in Central London

Take a wander around the streets of Soho and you will notice a clear trend emerging, the colour temperature of blondes has gone all the way to the cool white end of the spectrum.

Soho has always been known as the edgy, cool pocket of Central London, and, well, ashy blonde is seen as the cooler shade of blonde - slightly more avant-garde and that bit more progressive. It is no surprise therefore to see an influx of platinum ash around the likes of Carnaby and Berwick Street, especially during these crispier months.

Frankly, we love this ongoing trend, and we think it fits in right at home in Soho, which is London’s trendsetting hub for all things style.

The Method

Ash blonde can be achieved through foils and highlights, or a balayage. Usually, you will need to lift your hair either moderately if you already have blonde locks or significantly if you have brown or darker hair.

Ash blonde works seamlessly with fair complexions as the cool shades balance perfectly. Nonetheless ash blonde can also be a statement colour for those with warmer and more olive complexions. A striking contrast that gets noticed.

The wonderful thing about ash blonde is due to its neutral tones out the box, it requires less toner and therefore requires less maintenance than warmer shades of blonde. And we know the Soho workaholics can appreciate that!

3D Ash Galore hair colour at gusto salons London's West End

3D Ash Galore

This spellbinding look has been made three dimensional due to the misty darker lowlights that contrast alongside the bright ash highlights.


Ash hair colour With a Dash of Pink at gusto salons London's West End

To further stand out in the depths of eclectic Soho try this creative variant. With a dash of pink strategically placed you can bring out a touch of frivolity to your hair proceedings.


Gritty Ash Blonde hair colour at Gusto hair salons in Central London

Using more grey ash tones with the balayage technique you can achieve a totally unique look that brings out the luminescence of your complexion. A showstopper.

Gritty Ash Blonde hair colour at Gusto hair salons in Central London

The Wavy Ash

To really accentuate the ash blonde, get creative yet sophisticated with a rambunctious style that shocks and awes in equal measure.


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