Short Hair Trends

The Complete Guide to Short Hairstyles

Few things reinvent your look as dramatically as snipping off those locks. And in recent years, short hairstyles have surged in popularity, with time honoured A-listers like Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Zoë Kravitz unveiling chic cropped cuts.

But transitioning from long to short is still a leap for many. Will it suit your face shape? How often will upkeep trim into your social life? Fret not - armed with know-how, anyone can pull off stylish short locks.

Let's explore how to find your perfect short style, rock it with confidence, and enjoy easier styling with salon expert tips. Chop chop!

Why Go Short? Benefits of Short Cuts

Beyond a style revamp, short hairstyles offer many practical pluses:

Low maintenance Less length equals less shampoo, less brushing and less daily styling time. Shaking out short hair post-shower takes minutes, freeing up your beauty routine. Unruly hair behaves better when cropped closer to the head too.

Temperature regulation improves dramatically with exposed necks and shorn sides. Feel liberated ditching hair constantly stuck to sticky skin in summer.

Healthier hair Frequent trims keep split ends at bay allowing hair to flourish. Removing damage and weight stimulates growth and shine too.

Cost savings With fewer product requirements and touch-up appointments, short cuts save you serious cash long term.

Alongside the convenience, short styles simply exude modern elegance. Embrace easy chic with less hassle!

Short Style Inspiration from the Stars

The recent influx of celebrity short cuts showcase the diversity now deemed red carpet worthy.

Classic Pixies


Halle Berry defines short hair sophistication. Her finely chopped, side-parted pixies let her bone structure shine. Vary styling products to tweak texture.

Edgy Crops


Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Ruby Rose rock rebellious short crops with choppy layers and shaved sides. Hair tattoos, wild coloring, and spiky styling create punky edge.

Slicked Bobs


Margot Robbie, Lucy Boynton, and Amanda Seyfried ooze retro glam with deep side parts and severely slicked bobs grazing their jawline. Finish with texture spray for touchable roots and ends.

Elegant Crops


Zendaya, Yara Shahidi and H.E.R. allow their tight coils to bloom into fabulous fringes. Define curls with leave-in conditioner and gently twist wet strands.

The versatility suits all personal styles. Feel inspired? Keep reading our short hair guide.

Choosing The Right Short Style

Nailing short hair involves selecting the most flattering silhouette for your face shape. Follow our cheat sheets below to identify your ideal cut.

Oval Face

Lucky you - all short styles suit oval visages! Go daring with bixies or keep it chic with slick bobs. Add side-swept bangs for dimension.

Try: Charlize Theron's tousled pixie crop

Round Face

Create the illusion of length with short cuts featuring height on top. Avoid expanding facial width.

Try: Zoe Kravitz's textured volume pixie with fade

Heart Face

Soften a wide forehead and narrow chin with loose side bangs grazing cheekbones. Choppy pixies work too.

Try: Halle Berry’s piece-y short crop

Square Face

Add angles with an asymmetric cut and longer side-swept fringe to soften the jawline.

Try: Anne Hathaway’s angled pixie style

Get face shape savvy before a short hair transformation.

Styling Tips & Upkeep for Short Cuts

Embrace low-maintenance short hair by following professional stylist advice:

Daily Care

  • Shampoo less (2-3 times weekly) to avoid overdrying
  • Use leave-in treatments to boost moisture
  • Apply heat protection before hot tool styling
  • Massage in oils like argan to nourish strands
  • Always comb wet hair with a wide-tooth comb

Styling Tricks

  • Add root lift at the crown by blow-drying hair upside down
  • Use velcro rollers when hair is 90% dry for bouncy curls
  • Shape short hair with paste, wax, clay or pomade
  • Finish styles with a texture/volumizing spray
  • Finger fluff and backcomb between washes for texture

Follow these pro tips and your short hair will shine in high definition.

How Often Will Short Hair Need Cuts?

To retain sharp shape, most clients require trims every 4-6 weeks. But styling frequency, hair type, and growth rate also impact optimum cut intervals.

Book regular appointments to:

  • Nip uneven regrowth
  • Refresh layers
  • Maintain difficult lengths like fringes
  • Incorporate new partings

Discuss recommended return visits with your trusted stylist. Pay attention to growth patterns and adjust timing accordingly.

While chopping length slashes styling effort, regular barber trips become essential. But frequent trims keep cropped cuts looking fab!

Short Hair Inspiration: Trending 2024 Looks

Unsure which short style suits you? Look no further than 2024’s hottest celebrity crops.

Pixies Return

Short hair

The iconic ’90s choppy pixie cut leads red carpets once again. See Emma Watson's cropped caramel remake. Update with an icy bleach blonde tone for modern edge à la Kristen Stewart.

French Crops

Short hair

Parisian-cool ear-grazing bobs with curtain bangs epitomize low-key glam. Take inspiration from Léa Seydoux’s subtly shagged French girl crop. Effortless but tres chic!

'Octopus' Hair

Short hair

This edgy style shaves the side and back with only longer strands remaining on top. Florence Pugh and Halsey rock the rebellious look.

Mullets 2.0

Short hair

Once scoffed at, mullet cuts make an unexpected comeback with French braided sides. See Bagels and Ziggy Stardust for artful inspiration. Could you pull it off?

Take the Short Cut Plunge in 2024!

Be brave and upgrade tired tresses with a short crop this year. Consult our guide anytime for flattering inspo, easy care tricks, and trend reports fresh from the red carpet and catwalks.

Cropped cuts needn't be daunting with the right know-how. Enjoy all the benefits of short hair with less hassle. Schedule a transformation appointment and never look back!


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