Oyster Blonde Hair

Get Gorgeous with Oyster Blonde Hair

Ready to make a dramatic change with your hair but don't want to take it too far from your natural shade? Oyster blonde may be the perfect compromise, adding gorgeous dimension and brightness whilst keeping an understated elegance. Read on to learn all about this stunning hair colour and why it should be your next look.

What Is Oyster Blonde Hair?

Oyster blonde hair is a stunning yet subtle hair colour that combines cool undertones with soft lightness. It gets its name from the inner pearlescent tones of an oyster shell, which shine with a muted grey and silver iridescence.

When translated onto hair, oyster blonde mixes ashy beige and platinum shades with a hint of pale gold. This creates a multi-faceted colour that appears lighter in some lights and darker in others. The overall effect has lots of depth and dimension whilst avoiding brassy yellow or orange tones.

What Skin Tones Can Wear Oyster Blonde?

One of the things that makes oyster blonde so versatile is that it flatters a wide variety of complexions. Those with cool, pinkish undertones to their skin will be especially complemented, as the icy tones in this hair shade play up a similar palette.

However, the beige elements mixed throughout also prevent oyster blonde from looking too stark. As such, those with neutral or even warmer olive skin can also wear this colour beautifully.

Overall, medium to fair skin tones tend to suit oyster blonde best, think Anna Taylor Joy. However, the nuanced mix of hues means fine tuning is possible during the colouring process to custom match your unique complexion.

Oyster Blonde Hair Looks Stunning At Any Length

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Another excellent quality of oyster blonde is that it suits long, medium length or short hair equally well. On longer locks, it creates lots of movement and depth as the lights shine through the layered mix of cool and warm within each strand.

For shoulder length hair or medium bobs just past the jawline, the muted yet still noticeable contrast against darker roots and eyebrows makes an eye catching statement.

Even cropped pixie cuts or very short hair can work beautifully. Without as stark a root contrast, the shimmering array of silvery tones still adds gorgeous dimension.

How to Get The Oyster Blonde Look

To achieve oyster blonde hair, you'll need to begin with a base layer close to your natural shade. This will be lifting with bleach and toner to reach the inner core beige blonde colour. From there, a mix of white and silver blonde highlights and lowlights added throughout will complete the oyster-inspired look.

As this is quite an advanced process if you're starting from a darker base, it's advisable to have the colour done professionally. An experienced stylist will also incorporate perfectly-tailored toner to cancel unwanted brassiness whilst enhancing the icy mix of hues that make this colour so gorgeous.

Maintaining Your Gorgeous Oyster Blonde

Once you've achieved the multi-dimensional beauty of oyster blonde locks, maintenance is crucial. Book in for a root touch up every 4-6 weeks as regrowth will appear darker against the light shades. Using a specialised toning or purple shampoo once or twice a week will also keep brassiness at bay.

Minimise use of hot styling tools that can dry out strands and use a hydrating hair mask once a week. With the right care, you can enjoy this head-turning hair colour for months.

Take the Plunge With Stunning Oyster Blonde

If you've been hesitating to go blonde but still yearn for a gorgeous new lightened look, then oyster blonde is the perfect solution. This sophisticated and dimensional colour flatters all different complexions and lengths without ever appearing brassy. Who knew a simple oyster shell could inspire such beautiful hair? Take the plunge with oyster blonde for hair that dazzles. Oyster blonde is stunning hair colour that ensures you won't just blend into the crowd.


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