Mushroom Brown Hair Trend

A Fresh Take On Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hair is an unexpected, yet stunning hair colour trend that has swiftly taken the beauty world by storm over recent months, as more and more women are realising that this rich, earthy shade flatters a plethora of complexions. Evoking tranquility, depth and timelessness in abundance; mushroom brown hair exudes effortless sophistication. So if you've been searching for a dramatic hair transformation that provides flattering warmth without high maintenance upkeep, then you've discovered your perfect match in mushroom brown hair.

mushroom brown hair

What Is Mushroom Brown Hair Exactly?

Mushroom brown hair is a visually striking hair colour that exists at the intersection between brown and red tones. Reminiscent of the underside of portobello and chestnut mushroom caps in terms of depth and dimension; this unexpected neutral shade holds intrigue and flair in equal measure.

So whilst this hair colour isn't as loud as a vivid red or as predictable as classic chestnut brown, mushroom brown hair still makes an impactful statement. Blurring the lines between neutral and bold hair colours with finesse; mushroom brown hair provides gentle contrast if your natural hair hue errs on the side of mousiness. Moreover, mushroom brown hair brightens up dull brunette locks or acts as a change of pace if your strands already boast warm red or auburn tones.

Why Mushroom Brown Hair Is Universally Flattering

One of the key advantages of mushroom brown hair is its innate ability to complement a wide variety of complexions. From dark skin tones to pale or olive complexions, mushroom brown hair enhances facial features with an added touch of warmth. Unlike high contrast hair colours such as icy platinum blonde or jet black which can sometimes overpower softer features; mushroom brown hair works harmoniously to elevate your best assets through gentle contrast.

mushroom brown hair

So whether your colouring errs on the side of sallow and dull or glowing golden goddess, mushroom brown hair brings out underlying luminosity in skin. Plus, mushroom brown hair is versatile enough to intensify hazel eyes whilst also providing sufficient depth to make blue eyes dazzle.

How To Achieve Mushroom Brown Hair

Go To A Professional Colourist

As mushroom brown hair teeters on the brink between red and brown undertones, achieving the perfect equilibrium requires professional expertise and high quality permanent hair dyes to avoid color mishaps. Whilst adding semi-permanent red tones to brown hair may approximate the desired mushroom shade temporarily, it will fade out quickly.

Bring Reference Images

To manifest your mushroom brown vision; prepare plenty of images that encapsulate your desired hue and depth. From cool toned deep chestnut mushroom brown with subtle red flashes to a warmer milk-chocolate version, small variations alter the mood considerably.

Consider Your Base Colour

Your current shade will impact whether a single process colour application suffices or whether you need pre-lightening. For brunettes, a single process permanent dye should achieve a rich mushroom brown successfully. However blondes may require a fill or toner stage to build enough warmth first.

Go Gradually

Mushroom brown typically suits individuals with naturally darker hair best. If your strands are already very light, going subtly caramel first then building up intensity over repeat appointments minimises damage whilst gauging whether you suit red hues.

Maintain With Tinted Products

Once your perfect mushroom brown shade is reached; utilise sulphate-free shampoos alongside red or copper tinted leave-in conditioners to prolong vibrancy between salon visits.

The Many Dimensions of Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hair is an umbrella term encapsulating light, medium and dark variants of this woodland-inspired shade.

mushroom brown hair

Light Mushroom Brown

Boasting buttery beige flashes yet more muted than traditional caramel hues, light mushroom brown hair veers towards darker blond territory. Still transitioning away from deeper brunette shades, this version features heavily diluted red pigment.

Medium Mushroom Brown

Hitting the sweet spot between red and brown dimensions, medium mushroom brown hair draws the eye through its warm cinnamon flashes yet remains an undeniably natural brunette shade. This versatile option provides sufficient depth for darker hair whilst avoiding high contrast against paler complexions.

Dark Mushroom Brown

Deeper and moodier than its medium counterpart with espresso and burgundy undertones coming through strongly, dark mushroom brown hair approaches near-noir territory. Well-suited to naturally jet black hair with cool undertones, this vampish iteration lets small yet powerful red hints peek through dark brown foundations.

So whatever your current hair colour or desired depth, mushroom brown hair is adaptable enough to accommodate. Blurring seasonal boundaries effortlessly, this unexpected neutral shade oozes versatility and intrigue simultaneously. Much like the cryptic mushroom itself which continues to beguile and entrance us through its elegance and mystique; mushroom brown hair has rightfully captured our attention through its muted magnetism.


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