Men’s Perm

The perm, once largely relegated to the 80's, is making a comeback in 2024. More men than ever are embracing perms to add volume, texture, and style to their hair. But are perms right for you? And if so, what perm styles flatter which face shapes? Let's take a closer look at the perm styles men should consider in 2024.

Men's perm

The Benefits of Perms for Men

  • Adds volume and body
  • Creates curls or waves
  • Texture helps disguise thinning hair
  • Less daily styling required
  • More versatile styling options
  • Customisable - get the exact look you want

Face Shapes and The Best Perm Styles

Your face shape should guide the perm style you select. Here are some of the most flattering options:

Oval Faces

Mens perm

Oval is the most versatile face shape. Popular oval face perm styles:

  • Tight curls - tight ringlets add definition
  • Beach waves - effortless and casual
  • The mullet perm - business in front, party in back

Square Faces

Mens perm

Soften the angles with voluminous curls:

  • Spiral perms - big, loose spirals boost volume
  • Body wave perms - s-shaped waves add flow
  • Layered perms - mix of tight and loose curls

Diamond, Triangle or Heart Faces

Balance out a narrow chin with volume up top:

  • Perm with fade - tight curls on top, faded short sides
  • Curtain perm - waved bangs complement the shape
  • Stack perm - layers of curls create fullness

Modern Mens Perm Styles

Men's perm styles have come a long way. Forget the dated tight frizzy perms of decades past. Now you can get:

  • Natural-looking waves or curls - perms specially formulated for men mimic textures achieved by nature.
  • Gradual body building perms - subtle perms define shape and texture while avoiding overt curls.
  • Relaxing perms - makes thick, stubborn hair more manageable.
  • Digital perms - uses technology to customise pattern, curl size, volume and direction.

How to Care for a Perm

Follow these rules to help your perm last longer:

  • Avoid washing for 48 hours post-perm
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Wash every 2-3 days max
  • Apply leave-in conditioner between washes
  • Let hair air dry whenever possible
  • Use satiny scrunchies if you tie your hair up
  • Get a gloss treatment between perms

Are You Ready to Perm Your Hair?

Hopefully we've helped educate you on the perm style options available to men in 2024. Perms offer a great way to upgrade your style and boost volume and texture. Just be sure to choose a perm to suit your face shape. And provide the proper perm care to keep your curls looking their best. Ready to take the plunge? Talk to your stylist about whether a perm is right for your hair type and desired look.



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