Keratin Treatments – All You Need To Know

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Do you suffer from frizzy, wiry, unruly hair? We can help you fall back in love with your locks and get the smooth, silky hair you've been dreaming of with our fabulous keratin hair smoothing service. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the best Brazilian Blow Dry treatments in London's West End.

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Keratin Treatment Prices

Keratin treatments at Gusto Hairdressing Salons in London's West End start from £55 for very short hair (think Winona Ryder in the '90s!). View our full hairdressing price list.

How Do I Prepare For A Keratin Treatment?

Avoid washing your hair for at least 24-48 hours before the treatment. The hair should not be freshly cleansed so the treatment can adhere better.

Avoid applying conditioners, serums or any other styling products on the day of the treatment. The hair should be product-free.

Trim split ends if needed. The treatment works best on hair that has had split ends removed.

If you wash it the day before, use a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup but don't condition it.

Use a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 weeks before the Brazilian blowout. This will ensure your hair is moisturised and healthy.

Protect your hair from sun exposure which can damage hair and impact how the treatment sets. Wear a hat or use an umbrella.

Be prepared that your hair may be washed again with special shampoo at the salon before applying the keratin treatment, to remove any residue.

Go with clean, freshly washed hair, avoiding all styling products. This allows the treatment to absorb most effectively.

The key is having clean but not overly conditioned hair that is in good shape for optimal results from the Brazilian blowout.

Let your stylist know if you have any other questions!

How Long Will A Brazilian Blow Dry Take To Do?

The total service time for a Brazilian blowout treatment can vary quite a bit depending on a few factors:

Hair length - Longer and thicker hair takes more product and time to treat. Short styles may take only 1-2 hours. Long hair down to the waist can take 3 hours or more.
Hair thickness - Thick, coarse hair usually requires more treatment time than fine hair.
Curl pattern - Highly curly hair takes longer to treat in order to straighten and smooth the texture.

On average, expect the total service time to be:

Short hair (chin length): 1.15-1.45 hours
Medium hair (shoulder length): 2-2.5 hours
Long hair (mid-back and below): 2.5 - 3+ hours

Your individual timing depends on your unique hair. The stylist will be able to give you a better estimate after evaluating your hair in a consultation. Expect it to be an extended salon visit, so come prepared with a book, magazine or other entertainment.

Maintenance/Aftercare Needed Following Hair Smoothing Treatment

Proper maintenance is crucial for extending the results of your Brazilian blowout. Here are some tips:

Use the recommended after-care products from your stylist. WNt London Shampoo and Conditioner is the only premium shampoo that has been lab proven to increase the efficacy and prolong the effects of the Brazilian blow dry. Its unique formula helps maintain smooth, frizz-free hair.
Wash hair only 2-3 times per week max. Excessive washing will diminish results faster.
Rinse with cool water and avoid scrubbing the hair vigorously when washing.
Apply conditioning treatments weekly to nourish hair and enhance smoothness.
Let hair air dry naturally instead of blow drying whenever possible. If you do use a blow dryer, use a low heat setting.
Style hair with gentle, rounded brushes. Avoid excessive tension or backcombing when brushing.
Limit the use of other heated tools like curling/flat irons which can break down the bonds.
Protect hair from sun exposure, salt water and chlorine which can shorten longevity.

How Long Do The Results From A Brazilian Blow Dry Last?

The results of a Brazilian blowout treatment can last anywhere from 2-4 months, depending on your hair type and how well you maintain the treatment at home. Here's some more detail on longevity:

For most hair types, the smoothing and frizz-reduction effects tend to last 8-12 weeks. Gradual frizz and curl may start reappearing around the 2 month mark.
Results may last longer (3-4 months) on smoother, less curly hair types that are in good condition. Coarse, dense, or very curly hair tends to revert faster.
Proper at-home care is crucial for extending results. Use the recommended after-care products, avoid washing too frequently, and use heat styling sparingly. Too much heat can cause the treatment bonds to break down faster.
Avoid chlorine, salt water, and other damaging elements which can shorten the life of the blowout. Protect hair with a cap when swimming.
Schedule a follow-up treatment around the 2-3 month mark to maintain frizz-free hair and extended straightening. The more you repeat it, the longer results may last.
Results vary by individual due to differences in hair type, texture, natural curl pattern, and lifestyle factors. Work with your stylist to set realistic expectations.
With proper maintenance, most people can enjoy 2-4 months of frizz-free, smooth hair from a single Brazilian blowout treatment.