Internal Layers

The new hairdressing sensation: Internal Layers for 2024

Clickbait headlines scream about the latest hair trends seemingly every week, but occasionally, a classic technique re-emerges with a fresh new moniker. Internal Layers are set to become the breakout haircut of 2024.

Internal layers

Whilst not a wholly original concept, the rebranded style adds stacks of movement and dimension for luscious locks that turn heads.

What are Internal Layers?

Internal Layers build upon classic layering methods that remove weight to boost volume. However, this reimagined technique focuses the sliced layers towards the interior sections of the hair.

  • This creates added density and fullness inside the hair structure, leaving a smooth exterior finish.
  • Internal Layers remove bulk intelligently, without exposing short disconnected ends to the surface.
  • The result is hair exploding with natural movement, even on straight styles.

Hairdressers cleverly point-cut slice micro-fine layers within the internal areas. The exterior perimeter remains one-length for a seamless lived-in style.

Internal layers

This inside-out approach allows hair to cascade whilst keeping up the facade of polished perfection.

Why Internal Layers are different

Traditional layers lighten up thick hair types but can leave tresses looking choppy and disconnected. The innovation with Internal Layers is subtly integrating extra volume without exposing overt layering.

  • Standard layers slim thick hair, but the shortened lengths often clump together losing movement.
  • Exterior layers cause noticeable ridges between lengths making hair tricky to style.
  • Internal Layers fuse the best aspects of layers without these downsides.

Point cutting microscopic layers inside the structure creates space between follicles so hair can expand outwards with added swing. This invisible support generates natural va-va-voom minus any awkward wispy bits.

Who suits Internal Layers?


Internal Layers work well on medium to thick locks with an oval, oblong or heart-shaped face shape.

  • Oval faces carry off the internal layering beautifully as the balances proportions work in harmony with the hair’s angles.
  • An oblong visage accommodates the volume boosting benefits elegantly.
  • Those with heart-shaped faces also shine with this smart yet simple dimension-adding tactic.

Internal Layers equally flatter straight, wavy or kinky curl patterns if well-executed by a skilled stylist. The contrast appears more subtle on textured hair types but still reduces overall density.

For fine limp hair this technique proves too removing, often leaving hair thinned out and flat. Instead, precision face-framing layers or a razor-cut shag deliver lightness without stripping away density.

How to style Internal Layers

Internal Layers permit effortless air-drying without awkward sticking out bits. Simply scrunch in a wax or mousse for definition and watch hair dry sans frizz.

Internal layers

  • Air drying allows the interior layering to naturally push hair outwards as it takes shape on the head.
  • Quick smooth dry Internal Layers by blasting roots with a hairdryer, leaving mid-lengths to mostly air dry for bouncy brush-free hair.
  • Embrace the natural texture and movement by simply enhancement with styling products like sea salt spray.

For special occasions, Internal Layers respond beautifully to tongs or styling wands.

  • Create glossy curtain-like waves by loosely wrapping sections around a medium barrel tong.
  • For amped up volume, backcomb mid-lengths gently before curling the ends under.
  • Try a messy but polished up-do like a textured low bun, pinned up in places to expose the inner layers.

Why get on board with Internal Layers now?

The genius of adopting Internal Layers for 2024 is enjoying thicker, swingier hair without a drastic style change. Unlike a radical pixie or shag, the layering hides subtly within, allowing a versatile grow-out.

As we enter recession-wary times, an affordable reshuffle of existing hair proves wise. Seek out an experienced stylist to assess hair health and thickness before suggesting where internal layering could add oomph without over-cutting.

2022 welcomed the modern mullet and shag, but 2024 looks set to champion the smart yet subtle magnificence of Internal Layers for hair hitting new heights. Be ahead of the masses in embracing this ingenious invisible layering that silently boosts what nature already gave you!


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