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Brazilian Blow Dry Salons In Soho, Covent Garden & Oxford Street

A calming retreat of hair transformation, the friendly, dedicated team at Gusto Hairdressing, London is here to help you with all your hair needs - including fighting frizz and banishing flyaways caused by humidity!

Smooth, frizz-free hair is happy hair which is why are pleased to introduce you to our in-salon professional smoothing hair treatments, aka The Brazilian Blow Dry which can massively help to reduce styling time. Our hair smoothing treatments use natural ingredients that are ethically-sourced, and never tested on animals. 

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Brazilian Blow Dry Salons In Soho, Covent Garden & Oxford Street

Do Brazilian Blow Drys Work on Permed or Relaxed Hair?

Yes! Hair colouring can be done either before or on the same day you receive the treatment. It is recommended you wait a few days between having a perm or straightening treatment. 

The beauty of our Hair Smoothing Treatment is that it is Keratin-based and suitable for all hair types including coloured, bleached, permed or relaxed hair.  Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in our hair and nails.  During this treatment, the keratin is locked deep within your hair covering it with a special coating that leaves your hair smooth, silky and shiny.

Even better news... the quality and condition of your hair will improve with each application and you'll end up spending much less time styling your hair.

Vegan Brazilian Blow Dry Prices, London's West End

Vegan Brazilian Blow Dry Prices, London's West End

Using the superb INOAR keratin hair smoothing system, we can give you long-lasting sleek, smooth, shiny hair for up to 4 months. Better yet, Brazilian Blow Drys at our Central London salons are vegan and not tested on animals. It smells lovely too!

Please get in touch for a consultation where we will happily discuss your requirements before giving you an accurate price that is tailored specifically to you and your hair type & length.

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Your Brazilan Blow Dry Consultation, Central London

If you are concerned about the health of your hair, please talk to your stylist. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and only want what is best for you and your hair. We will give you professional and honest advice and recommend the best products for your hair type and concern. 

Want to find out more about Brazilian Blow Dry Smoothing Treatments in London at Gusto Hairdressing?

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Why Our Clients Think We're The Best Hair Salons in Central London

Our clients tell us we're the best hairdressing salons in Oxford Street, Soho & Covent Gardens for lots of reasons, including;

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♦ Personal one-on-one Brazilian Blow Dry consultations in London's West End ♦

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Frequently Asked Questions, Brazilian Blow Dry at Gusto Hair Salons, Central London

Do your central London hair salons offer Brazilian blow drys for coloured hair?


Absolutely, we can apply the treatment on highlighted & coloured hair, indeed it could prolong the vibrancy of the colour as it seals the cuticles, locking in your tones for longer. for example, if you want a Brazilian Blow Dry and a hair colour, highlights, balayage or ombre at the same time we recommend we do the Brazilian first as the colour will still be developing whilst in the salon.

What other names is Brazilian Blow Dry known by?


There are many services that are very similar or identical to the Brazilian Blow Dry. These include the Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blow Out, Japanese Straightening, Hair Smoothing, Keratin Cure.

Are hair smoothing treatments at Gusto hair salons in London's West End permanent?


The treatment is not permanent and is principally used as an anti-frizz, shine infusing solution that can last upwards of three to four months when cared for correctly.

Can the Brazilian Blow Dry be done on any length of hair?


It can! The Brazilian Blow Dry works all types of hair length. Lengths range from men’s short hair to waist length. It’s perfect for those with any hair length who want less maintenance and slick and shiny as heck hair.

Can I buy Brazilian Blow dry aftercare products at Gusto Hairdressing?


We use the innovative Inoar Treatment which allows you to wash your hair just hours after your Brazilian Blow Dry treatment. However, we would recommend against using styling products for 12 hours. To prolong the efficacy, we strongly advise you to use sulphate and paraben free shampoo. We highly recommend you use WNt Shampoo and Conditioner which is specially formulated as a Brazilian Blow Dry aftercare. You can purchase all your professional haircare products online here.

How often should I book a Brazilan blow dry at Gusto hair salons in Central London?


The Brazilian blow dry should last around three months however it can last longer if you maintain good home care etiquette, i.e. using sulphate free shampoo, avoiding sea water. It can also depend on your natural hair constitution and texture.

How much does the Brazilian Blow Dry cost?


The Brazilian blow dry price is highly dependent on your hair length as the chemicals used to eliminate frizz can prove costly. Your Gusto keratin expert will be able to give you a more detailed figure during your hair smoothing consultation.