Chin Bangs: 2024 Trends

The Fringe Benefits: Why Chin Bangs Are Taking Over in 2024

Fashion moves fast. As we enter 2024 with open arms and lifted chins, there's a new hair trend casting shadows on classic cuts: chin bangs. That's right - fringes for your jawline rather than your forehead. Avant-garde? Without a doubt. Chic? Mais oui! Read on as we explore how this daring style is taking root.

A Note on Bangs vs Fringe

If you're reading this article in the UK, you might notice I'm using the term "bangs" to describe this hair trend. This is the standard word used in the US to refer to short hair cut above the eyebrows.

However, in British English, the same haircut is known as a "fringe". So if you're looking to adopt this chin-grazing style on the other side of the pond, simply ask your stylist for a "chin fringe" rather than "chin bangs"!

Chin bangs

The words are interchangeable - just one of those delightful language quirks between American and British styles. But whether you call them bangs, fringe or even a "forelock", this is guaranteed to be an it girl look for 2024!

What Are Chin Bangs?

Simply put, chin bangs are short wispy bangs that graze the jaw rather than falling on the forehead. Sitting just below the chin, they softly frame the face. Often paired with longer locks, these face-framing fringe add definition and intrigue.

Chin bangs accentuate bone structure beautifully. 

So how did this eyebrow-raising trend develop? Chin bangs actually have their roots in Korean style, where short curtain bangs have been popular for years. The look migrated west, gaining traction among fashion-forward celebs and it girls wanting to switch up their style. Now, enter 2024 - and chin bangs are set to sweep the world of beauty.

Why Try Chin Bangs?

More than a passing fad, there are compelling reasons chin bangs should feature in your 2024 makeover vision board:

1. Frames Your Beautiful Face

Chin-length fringe is incredibly flattering. Drawing attention to your jaw and cheekbones, chin bangs highlight facial structure like an Insta filter for real life.

Styled to delicately sweep your jaw on one or both sides, chin bangs create a natural spotlight effect. Paired with a sideswept parting and long layers, they showcase your beautiful bone structure.

Chin bangs

2. So Hot Right Now

From catwalks to the streets, chin bangs are emerging as the cut of 2024. Spotted on fashion icons like Lucy Boynton and Zoë Kravitz, the look oozes cool.

In the words of singer Bebe Rexha, chin bangs make you "look expensive", darling. Right now, they're a true symbol of modern style.

3. Low Maintenance Styling

If you're big on air drying and easy styling, chin bangs are a perfect option. With less hair than traditional bangs, they require minimal upkeep.

As Gusto stylist Olimpia explains, "Chin bangs allow you to style the rest of your hair based on your mood and plans for the day without having to change your bangs too."

Simply add some texturising spray, tousle your fringe with your fingers, et voilà!

4. Customise Your Look

Chin bangs are endlessly adaptable. Wear them long and blendy, sharply cut or piece-y - the options are vast. Tweak them by:

  • Length - try wispy short or fuller chin curtains
  • Thickness - go for fine strands or blunt fringing
  • Styling - add waves, braids or sleekness

You can even transition from regular bangs to this trend with subtle face-framing layers. Outfit photoshoots will never be the same again!

Chin bangs


How To Get The Look

Sold on chin bangs for 2024? Here's the need-to-know on getting this hot style:

Consult your stylist - Chin-skimming fringe needs precision, so hair pros advise seeing an experienced stylist you trust for the initial cut. Bring image inspiration!

Consider your face shape - Well-placed chin bangs will accentuate your gorgeous bone structure. An oval face shape tends to suit most, but chat with your stylist about customising the angles.

Prep with layers - If you have straight, one-length locks, ask for some long layers first. This will make integrating chin bangs more seamless.

Maintenance matters - Chin bangs need a little TLC. Book follow-up trims every 4-6 weeks to keep them looking crisp. Use lightweight products and gently style by hand to encourage bend and movement.

Take the Plunge!

As trendsetters like Zoë, Lucy and Bebe have shown, chin bangs bring face-framing drama and strong fashion energy. This cutting-edge fringe rewards the brave - but do your homework first.

Book a consultation, study some inspo and take the 2024 chin bangs plunge! This avant basic style will undoubtedly take your look to the next level. Très magnifique!


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