Cherry Hair

Have you seen those gorgeous cherry-stained locks popping up on your Instagram feed? Cherry hair is having a major moment, with influencers and celebrities alike trying out the vibrant, fruit-inspired hue. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about achieving this sought-after shade for yourself.

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What Exactly is Cherry Hair Colour?

Cherry hair colour refers to a rich, intense red hue that mimics the deep colour of cherries. It's an especially vibrant take on classic red hair. This shade is all about saturating your strands with serious colour payoff for a eye-catching effect.

Some key features that set cherry hair apart include:

  • Deep, intense saturation
  • Cool undertones rather than warm
  • Looks incredible under natural and artificial light
  • Makes a major colour statement

What Skin Tones and Hair Types Work Best?

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The right cherry hair for you will depend on your individual colouring and hair condition. Here are some tips:

Skin Tones

Cherry hair colour pairs best with fair to medium skin tones. If you have a darker complexion, go for an intensely saturated black cherry shade rather than true red. An experienced colourist can adjust the tone to suit you.

Hair Types

Since cherry hair demands a heavy application of permanent dye, it works best on healthy hair. Colouring damaged, brittle strands won't yield good results. First treat your hair to some intensive conditioning masks before taking the cherry plunge.

How to Get the Look: Colour Techniques

A pro colourist is non-negotiable for achieving perfect cherry hair. But these are some techniques they may use:

Full Colour Application

If you're transitioning from dark hair, a full application of permanent red dye is required to reach vibrant cherry hair. This may take multiple sessions.


If you're already a redhead, your colourist can weave peach and coppery highlights throughout to amp up the brightness. This creates dimension.

Colour Refreshing

The intense saturation of cherry hair tends to fade quickly. Schedule refresher gloosses every 4-6 weeks to maintain the vibrant hue. Use colour-safe shampoos.

How Do You Maintain Cherry Locks at Home?

Preserving that perfect cherry colour requires diligent at-home care:

  • Wash hair 2-3 times weekly max
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Use sulfate-free, colour-safe shampoos
  • Apply weekly conditioning hair masks
  • Avoid chlorine and salt water
  • Apply colour-depositing conditioner as needed
  • Get trims every 6-8 weeks

Following those steps keeps your rosy, fruit-inspired hair looking fresh!

What's the Appeal of Cherry Hair Colour?

There are several reasons this stand-out red hue is having its moment right now:


In an era of mermaid and pastel hair, cherry is a way to get playful and stand out with a unconventional hue. The colour makes a fun statement.

Flattering Effect

When done correctly, cherry hair flatters most complexions. The shade brings out green and brown eyes beautifully.

Celebrity Influence

Stars like Gillian Anderson, Florence Pugh and Sophie Turner have recently rocked various cherry-stained shades. Their looks sparked major inspiration.

Artistic Expression

Vibrant hair colours allow people to embrace creativity and self-expression. To many, switching up their hue is empowering.

Are You Tempted to Try Cherry Locks?

Have we convinced you to take cherry hair for a test run? With the right consultation and care, you can rock this artistic, head-turning shade for a completely new look. The results will be well worth it, guaranteed!

Cherry hair is in high demand for good reason - it's fun, striking, and completely on trend. Work with an experienced stylist to find the precise cherry tone and maintenance routine for your strands. Then get ready to stop traffic with those gorgeously glistening locks!



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