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Why The Brown Balayage Will Rock This Festive Period From Gusto Hair Salons, Central London

The brown balayage is the perfect winter hair companion with its striking shimmering effects and seasonally appropriate shades. Here, the hair colour experts at Gusto hairdressing in Central London explain why the brown balayage is this years A/W go to.

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Why The Brown Balayage Will Rock This Festive Period From Gusto Hair Salons, Central London

What It Takes to Get Brown Balayage

To achieve a beautiful brown balayage, the same (though tonally inverted) fundamental techniques are used. You will go two to three shades lighter than the final form to achieve the contrasting shine and to develop the much coveted “sweeping” balayage effect we all know and love.

During this lightening process, your cuticles become porous allowing the bleach chemicals to lift the colour. A bond strengthening product such as Olaplex is therefore recommended to ensure your hair stays robust and healthy.

Two Tone Brown Balayage at Gusto hair salons central london

The Two Tone Brown Balayage Method

This gradual and asymmetrical lightening creates the impression of thick and full hair making the brown balayage ideal for those with finer hair.  You can go for an even more multi-dimensional look by choosing complimenting tones, such as a cool and a warm brown. Although counterintuitive, this method creates even more depth as the two tones work in tandem to create a highly complementary and unique look.

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Boost Your Fall Hair!

The brown balayage can be carried out on any hair colour and is a great way to show a stunning transition of tones from the roots to the ends of your hair. Perfect for the fall and winter months. Be a brown balayage babe, visit Gusto, the best balayage hairdressers in Central London.

best balayage hairdressers in Central London.