The Root Touch Up

The Key to Flawless Roots: Mastering Root Touch Ups

Are you plagued by regrowth lines peeking through at your hairline? Don't let greys along your fringe age your entire look. The solution is simple - frequent root touch ups to seamlessly blend your outgrowth.

Roots touch up

As an essential grooming technique, root touch ups allow you to maintain flawless hair colour between salon appointments. With the right tools and application, you can achieve professional-quality results from home.

The Benefits of Root Touch Ups

Colouring your roots regularly with a demi-permanent formula offers several advantages over full head colour services:

  • Cost-effective: Root touch ups use less product than saturating your full lengths
  • Time-saving: You can complete a root touch up for £15-20 in around 30 minutes or £35-40 in salon by a professional.
  • Healthier for hair: Minimises overlapping colour that can cause damage over time

Roots touch up

When done correctly, root touch ups leave you with flawless, seamless coverage until your next salon visit. It's an essential treatment for maintaining your impeccable, youthful appearance.

Preparing Your Root Touch Up Kit

To achieve salon-worthy root coverage at home, assemble these must-have tools and products:

  • Root touch up colour kit with tinting brush, non-metallic bowl, and demi-permanent formula
  • Stain remover towelettes
  • Comb or tinting cap to section hair
  • Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner

When selecting your root touch up colour, opt for a demi-permanent shade in the same tone as your base, but one to two levels lighter. This sheer deposit blends seamlessly into the mid-lengths and ends.

Pro Tip: Always do a strand test to ensure you achieve your desired depth before applying all over.

The Precise Application Technique

Expert root touch up application requires strategic sectioning and precise colour placement. Follow these steps:

  1. Section hair: Use a comb or tinting cap to isolate and expose just your regrowth area near the scalp.
  2. Apply colour with brush: Use the tinting brush to apply your root touch up colour in short, controlled strokes only along the hairline and parting areas where you see greys.
  3. Blend well: Once all outgrowth is covered, use the brush to gently blend and diffuse the line of demarcation between your new roots and previous colour.
  4. Process and rinse: Allow colour to process per product instructions, then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
  5. Condition deeply: Always follow with a rich, colour-safe conditioning treatment to maintain hair health.

With this easy technique, you can stretch your root touch up out 4-6 weeks between salon appointments.

Executing expert root touch ups at home is the key to maintaining vibrant, multi-tonal hair colour that instantly makes you look younger and more polished. Make this low-cost treatment part of your regular beauty regimen.

The Luxury of Professional Salon Root Touch Ups

While at-home root touch ups are certainly convenient, there are distinct advantages to entrusting this vital service to the skilled hands of a salon professional. When your hair colour is applied by an experienced colorist, you unlock a world of flawless, customised results that simply cannot be replicated at home.

Bespoke Color Formulation

One of the biggest benefits of salon root touch ups is the ability to achieve a truly personalized colour formula tailored specifically for you. Expert colourists have an in-depth understanding of pigment theory, allowing them to customize each formula to perfectly complement your unique hair texture, porosity, base shade and undertones.

Roots touch up

This bespoke approach ensures your root touch up seamlessly melds with your existing hair colour, creating a final result with gorgeous, multi-dimensional depth and tone. It's this precise customization that allows your hair to look consistently stunning from each growth cycle to the next.

Advanced Techniques for Seamless Blending

Beyond basic solid root coverage, many salon colourists will employ advanced balayage or colour melting techniques when doing touch ups. These freehand approaches involve delicately brushing-on finely diffused colour to create an ultra-natural, root-smudged effect with no obvious regrowth line.

For clients looking to go grey naturally in an elegant way, colorists can also strategically touch up only the hairline and face-framing areas while leaving an ombrè blend of grey through the lengths. This sophisticated greying technique provides exquisite nuance and dimension.

Protecting Hair Integrity

A key advantage of professional salon root touch ups is the prioritization of hair health and integrity. Experienced colourists use techniques to minimize overlap and overlapping pigment that can dry out and damage hair over time.

roots touch up

Salons also invest in high-quality professional colour lines formulated with less ammonia and more conditioning ingredients. Colour-trained stylists also have the knowledge to safeguard your delicate scalp and hairline from any potential irritation.

Precision Application

When you visit a skilled salon colourist for root touch ups, you can expect an ultra-precise, meticulous application that DIY options simply cannot replicate. Through advanced sectioning and with a deft hand, colourspecialise in ensuring your entire perimeter - hairline, part lines, face-framing layers - receives flawless, seamless coverage.

This level of detail work is crucial for achieving a truly undetectable blend that instantly brightens and rejuvenates your overall look. It's these polished, precise finishes that instantly elevate your colour to a more youthful, expensive-looking result.

The Ultimate Investment in Your Confidence

While professional salon root touch ups admittedly come at a higher cost than at-home options, the value of impeccable hair colour is simply unmatched. When you feel confident that your hair looks perfectly blended and vibrant, it permeates into all aspects of how you show up in the world.

For the woman who views her personal aesthetic as an essential investment in her self-confidence and well-being, there is no substitute for the expertise and transformative results that only a seasoned salon colourprofessional can provide. Commit to a regular root touch up schedule with a trusted stylist to experience the power of hair colour at its luxurious best.


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