Shake Up Your Hair Care!

Spring Clean Your Hair Care!

Advice From the Hairdressing Experts in Soho, Oxford Street & Covent Garden at Gusto Hairdressing

Our hairdressing specialists have got all the hair care advice you need to ensure your locks look fab this Spring! Follow the tips in the article, then book an appointment for a spring hairstyle transformation by calling Gusto Hairdressing Soho on 020 7287 0015 or Covent Garden on 020 7836 9163 or Oxford Street on 0207 486 5044. You can also book quickly, easily & securely online.

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Use Seasonally Appropriate Products

We all know that we need to adapt our skincare routine for the changing seasons, such as adding SPF or a heavier moisturiser, but did you know that the same goes for your hair?

It is important to protect your delicate locks all year round, even during the autumn and winter months. Haircare products with SPF help to block harmful rays from the sun which can cause damage such as split ends and make hair colour fade and look dull. We highly recommend using dedicated colour shampoos & conditioners as well as products that contain SPF which offers protection against UVA and UVB rays.

If you aren’t sure which products are right for you, speak to your Gusto stylist. We’ll be happy to recommend the right ones from our wide range of hair care products.

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Have An In-Salon Conditioning Treatment

The health and vitality of your hair is our number one priority here at Gusto Hairdressing in London.  Sometimes your hair needs a little help which is why your stylist might recommend a bespoke hair mask or adding OLAPLEX into your hair colour services.  Our hair treatments are designed to improve the health of your hair so it stays looking wonderful long after you leave our salon. 

Clean Styling Tools & Heated Appliances

If you use electrical styling tools regularly, they can suffer from the same build-up of dirt, products, grease and bacteria as your hairbrushes. Heated tools such as curlers, straighteners, wands and hairdryer filters should be cleaned regularly to ensure they work to their full potential (and don't cause problems to your hair!)

To clean your styling tools, first, make sure they are unplugged and never submerge them in water. Never use a scouring pad on them as this can cause damage and always make sure your tools are completely dry before using them.

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Sleep on Silk

This may sound slightly extravagant but sleeping on silk pillows dramatically reduces friction. An ideal solution for those who suffer from fragile hair that is prone to breaking. Dermatologists say that sleeping on a silky pillowcase can even make your skin less prone to wrinkles too, so it’s worth a try!

If you want to keep your cotton pillowcase, simply make sure you wash and change them very regularly to avoid transferring grease and bacteria build up onto your hair and skin.