How to Protect Your Hair Through the Seasons

As a session stylist and haircare authority with over 20 years industry tenure transforming lacklustre locks into manes of magnificence, I've witnessed extensive seasonal damage across all hair types first-hand. Whilst the latest filtered Instagram bubble braids may depict the ultimate #hairgoals, behind the scenes brittle strands tell a traumatic story of decline through ignorance towards environmental elements.

But fret not ladies for this hair heroine unveils her seasonal hair survival secrets that rebuild, restore and maintain sensational strands all year long so you can serve looks through the seasons with minimal sacrifice! Consider this your essential cheat sheet reference guide on how to protect your hair beautifully across Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter for hair longevity.

Battling the Elements: Safeguarding Strands in Winter

As temperatures plummet, humidity drops exponentially too which poses the highest hazard towards healthy hair compared to other seasons. This coupled with vigorously heated styling tools meeting already depleted locks through chronic indoor warmth creates the perfect storm for utterly lacklustre tresses.

However by strategically adjusting certain haircare habits and styling techniques just before winter's onset, magnificent manes can still prevail season after season. Follow these key winter hair guarding principles:

Moisture Musts: Since low moisture retention remains the number one winter hair woe, deep conditioning takes priority. Apply intensive hair masques containing proteins and oils across midlengths to ends then wrap hair in a heated towel to optimise penetration benefits. Condition after each shampoo to inject lasting softness too.

Chilly Commutes: Friction and breakage await vulnerable tresses when hopping in and out of vehicles. So contain hair securely with gentle fabrics like scrunchies, silk headwraps or berets that shield from windchill whilst preventing needless tension. If possible, avoid blow drying hair until back indoors.

Strictly Satin: The slippery satin texture means less tangles and knots leading to less rips and fraying across strands whilst sleeping. Stick to smooth satin pillowcases in winter paired with loosely braiding hair or using supple scrunchies to avoid pull points forming through tossing and turning.

Winter Hair Wellness SOS Routines

why is my hair so dry


1. Weekly Treatments - Intensive overnight conditioning treatments restore elasticity and strength whilst also protecting against drying effects of indoor heat. Alternate between moisture masques and hardcore protein packs customised to your hair needs.

2. Pre-Shampoo Oils - Applying antioxidant-rich oils like argan, coconut or marula before cleansing maximises penetration of fatty acids to reinforce and smooth the cuticle barrier against moisture escaping whilst infusing lasting softness.

3. Smart Storage - Always cover damp hair with a cap or towel before venturing outdoors in winter to prevent the rapid moisture loss and cuticle damage triggered by icy blasts of wind and drops in temperature shocking the bonds.

Spring Hair Protection Pointers

How to Protect Your Hair Through the Seasons

1. Replenish Nutrition - Following 3 long months of harsh winter heating and styling disturbances, malnutrition manifests through dry, lacklustre locks low on elasticity and shine. Use a deeply restorative weekly treatment masque to inject lost proteins and moisture back into strands.

2. Book a Trim - As weather warms, lighter layers feel revitalising yet winter split ends still require attention before restyling. Even a half inch trim boosts the look of health exponentially before experimenting with new cuts or colours.

3. Shield Against UV Rays - Spring sunshine may uplift spirits yet intense UV exposure actually deteriorates hair condition over time. When outdoors, safeguard strands using protective headwear alongside heat protecting hair products with built-in solar filters.

Summertime Strand Saving Strategies

How to Protect Your Hair Through the Seasons

1. Braid Overnight - Loose plaits at bedtime prevent formation of friction-induced breakage points across the pillow and allows seamless beachy texture by morning without compromise.

2. Swim Carefully - Whether poolside or oceanside, always wet hair thoroughly first before submerging to prevent dry porous strands absorbing excessive damaging chlorine and salt deposits that dehydrate severely.

3. Sleek Styles Over Tools - As humidity rises avoid heat styling whenever possible. If essential, always use thermal protecting sprays or serums during blowdrying or straightening to shield against extreme dehydration through scalding hot tools meeting moisture.

Autumnal Hair & Scalp Preservation

How to Protect Your Hair Through the Seasons

1. Schedule a Clarifying Cleanse - Product build-up accumulated over the warmer seasons causes congestion and impedes penetration of reparative treatments. Use a sulphate detox wash monthly to reset hair and scalp to a purified state before the depths of winter.

2. Monitor Diet Quality - What we ingest internally mirrors outwardly in our hair condition drastically. As comfort food cravings hit, ensure each meal includes some protein alongside greens containing vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that rebuild resilience to environmental stresses.

3. Trial Protective Styles - Experiment with looser updos, gentle twists or loose braids to evaluate candidates for regular winter protective styling that shield vulnerable ends without supplying excess tension at the delicate root area during harsh weather spells.

Whilst seasonal stresses differ over the year, astute adjustments shield hair sufficiently so that when Spring returns you have ample growth to unveil a fresh look if desired rather than resorting to extensive restorative chopping from decline through ignorance towards environmental factors. So embrace these seasonal saviours as your hair surviving sidekicks!


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