Gusto Hairdressing’s Ode to Covent Garden and New Oxford Street

You'll never believe where we at Gusto Hairdressing find the inspiration for our legendary locks - it's in the beating heart of Covent Garden and along the iconic New Oxford Street.

Let's start with our beloved Covent Garden village. Sure, the cobblestones may wreak havoc on our stylists' feet, but there's just something about this historic piazza that screams "chic." Perhaps it's the theatrics of the street performers, or the intoxicating aromas wafting from bakeries? Whatever the muse, ourecutters and colourists find endless inspiration meandering these charming lanes.

And let's be honest, our well-coiffed clients enjoy a bit of gossipy people watching at the curated boutiques almost as much as their new 'do. It's all part of the full Gusto experience, dahlings!

Then there's the electric charge of New Oxford Street, where bright lights and a dizzying pace meet minimalist-chic. Our salon here is a sanctuary in the storm - a place for the city's sleekest trendsetters to retreat from the hustle and be pampered like royalty.

We've hosted everyone from frenetic Social Media mavens to high-powered media moguls in our plush styling chairs. And you'd better believe we always deliver the goods with killer cuts that turn heads from Mayfair to Shoreditch.

That's because at Gusto, we live for the art of hairstyling like others live for breathing. Our team sweats every snip, painstakingly customizing each fringe (as us Brits cheekily call bangs) until it's pure perfection. We subscribe to over 100 industry publications and take training courses led by globe-trotting stylists - all to ensure your hair is utterly current and on-point.


But trend-setting tresses aside, what really gets our scissors snipping is the pure joy of making you, our beloved local clients, feel like the most gorgeous human on this Northern Province. Whether you slip in for a quick trim or an epic colour transformation, we make sure every visit is an experience that relaxes, delights and empowers in equal measure.

From the luxe, eco-friendly haircare lines we spritz to the cheeky banter and drink top-ups, no detail is too small in our mission to make you feel goddamn pampered. We live for those moments when a client glimpses their fresh look in the mirror and their whole face lights up with confidence. That look of joy keeps us going even on the craziest Thursday night when Gusto is popping off.

So to all our neighbors in this gloriously bonkers city center, know that Gusto adores you as much as you adore us. We'd be lost without the hustle and verve of Covent Garden and New Oxford Street inspiring us daily. Here's to many more years of taming your manes and caffeinating our creative souls together!


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