Golden Brown Hair

Golder Brown Delights

As the dawn of spring approaches, a new hair trend is emerging – golden brown hair. This lustrous and luxurious shade has been popular among celebrities and everyday women for decades, but now it's taking on a new life as a fresh and exciting trend for the upcoming season. From warm honey gold tones to a more shaded Victorian gold shade (see below image), there are endless hues to choose from, and the versatility of the colour means that it can be customised to suit all skin tones and styles. Get ready to rock this new and trendy shade as we welcome the dawn of a new season!

Golden brown hair


Versatility of Golden Brown Hair

The beauty of golden brown hair lies in its versatility. From warm honey tones to rich chocolatey shades, there are hues to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a bold new look, the possibilities are endless. A few highlights here or there can provide an effortless sun-kissed glow, or a full head of caramel ribbons can create a striking new look.

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Shadow Roots

For those looking for something more adventurous, shadow roots are a great way to play with colour without being too drastic (yes it's still very much a thing in 2023). Dark roots fading into snappy gold brown jagged edges can create a sophisticated and chic look, or a gold-hued balayage can give the hair a rich, lush and luxurious feel.

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Warm-toned highlights

Adding warm-toned highlights to golden brown hair can create a beautiful, multi-dimensional look. Warm-toned highlights in shades of a deep renaissance gold can complement golden brown hair and create a sun-kissed effect that looks natural and radiant. This technique can be achieved through foiling or a freehand approach to create a more dynamic natural/effervescent look.

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It's not just the range of colour that makes golden brown hair so appealing, but its ability to flatter all skin tones. Whether you have warm or cool undertones, the shades of golden brown can be customised to complement your natural colouring. It's a colour that truly enhances natural beauty.

I can confidently say that golden brown hair will remain one of the most popular hair colours of SS 23. Its versatility, classic appeal, and endless customisation make it a fave going forward.