Christmas Party Hair!

Deck The 'Do': Festive Hairstyles for Your Christmas Party

The holiday season brings plenty of festive fun, from gift exchanges to celebrations with friends and family. And what better excuse to get all dressed up for a Christmas party? While finding the perfect outfit is part of the preparation, creating a holiday-ready hairstyle completes your look.

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So let your tresses take centre stage and try one of these creative and chic styles to complement your party ensemble. They'll ensure your hair is just as merry and bright as the season. Time to deck your 'do!

Updos Add elegance

Want an elegant style that keeps your hair out of the way for mingling and dancing? An updo is a classic yet dazzling option for your Christmas party.

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  • Try a twisted chignon at the nape of your neck for understated glamour. Finish with a glitter hairspray for subtle sparkle.
  • Braided updos remain a favourite. Go for an intricate lace braid wrapped into a low bun for romantic flair.
  • For drama, sweep hair into a sleek high ponytail. Upgrade it by teasing the tail and lightly backcombing the crown.

Updos suit both long and short hair. So let your inner bella bunhead run free with a graceful upstyle.

Half-Up, Half-Down Do's are Versatile

The best of both worlds - half-up, half-down 'dos allow you to highlight your gorgeous locks while keeping some hair down. The style also enables you to show off statement earrings.

  • Create a braided crown by plaiting front sections and joining them in the back. Let the rest fall freely.
  • Gather and pin up top layers, forming a pompadour-like bump. Boost volume with some backcombing.
  • For textured hair, twist random pieces into miniature buns all over your head. Effortlessly eye-catching!

Half-up styles transition beautifully from day to night. Easy, breezy - and party perfect!

Low Buns and Chignons Bring Back Old Hollywood Allure

Channel your inner starlet with a glamorous low bun or chignon. Positioning it at the nape of your neck creates a graceful, leading-lady effect. Go sleek or messy - either way, Old Hollywood waves are sublimely chic.

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  • Create a chic chignon by twisting hair into a knot and securing with pins. For softer framing, leave out some face-framing tendrils.
  • Try a sideways low bun. Part hair dramatically, sweep it to one shoulder and twist into a loose, low style.
  • For loads of drama, spritz waves with hairspray and loosely roll into a bun at the base of your neck. It's relaxed yet ravishing.

Fine hair? Enhance volume with some backcombing first. Show off your neckline with these sublime retro buns.

Half-Down Curls Mix Stylish and Sexy

Blending curled down locks with a partially pinned-up style creates jaw-dropping texture and dimension. It's an alluring twist on traditional party hair.

Christmas party hair 2

  • Create tight ringlets on mid-lengths and ends with a curling wand. Pull up one side with jewelled pins. Gorgeous.
  • For relaxed yet bombshell waves, spritz lengths with sea salt spray and scrunch. Sweep one side up high with a pretty clip. Va va voom!
  • If you're hair isn't naturally curly, roll large sections into pincurls as you dry. Take out for bouncy half-up hair.

This hairstyle oozes effortless beauty and charm. Make it your go-to for instant glam this season.

Slick Back a Sleek Ponytail

For a polished, elegant take on the classic ponytail, try slicking back hair for a smooth, sculpted shape. It lengthens the neck and highlights your gorgeous bone structure.

Christmas party hair 1

  • Apply a smoothing hair gel to control flyaways and achieve a super slick look. Brush hair straight back and gather into a low pony, securing with an elastic.
  • For volume, backcomb the ponytail base before sweeping up. Twist slightly before wrapping the elastic.
  • upgrade your slicked pony with a fishtail or waterfall braid woven into the length.

This tightly pulled style makes a real statement. Amp up the glam factor with bold chandelier earrings and a striking red lip. Sleek ponytails are sublimely chic and so versatile.

So whether you fancy an ornate updo or bombshell waves, there's a Christmas party style for you. Amp up the allure with shimmery makeup and standout accessories. And let your holiday hair shine bright all season long!


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